Press Release April 2011 – Festival Kidz

Well, it all started…

… back in the summer of 2010, Festival Kidz was barely a twinkle in the eye of festival-going mum, Romany.  She loves festivals, and her kids love festivals.

Romany firmly believes that taking children to family-oriented festivals can be a fantastic and educational experience for children but felt it was difficult to find information to help parents choose which festival would be best for their family or even what sort of gear you might need.  She soon discovered other parents felt exactly the same way and with the encouragement and support of one friend in particular, Louise, she set up Festival Kidz.

Festival Kidz is a website that aims to provide the answers to all those hundreds of questions you have when taking kids to a festival for the first time, and to link up newbies and festival veterans, creating an online community where reviews, advice, tips and experiences can be shared.  Festival Kidz supports and encourages the growing number of parents and carers who want to share the music festival scene with their youngsters.

For families who want to prepare in advance, they will soon be launching a fantastic online shop.  The product range will be carefully chosen to offer only those items that make festivals easier to manage or a whole lot more fun.  The range will include wagons, hair garlands, ear defenders, wellies, books, baby essentials, sun hats, clothing, fancy dress, circus toys, and many more individual and boutique items.  They even offer personal alternatives to festival Portaloos!

Festival Kidz will be running stalls at festivals too.  In addition to their usual product range, they also offer a hire service for bulkier items of equipment, like wagons and travel cots, and run baby-wearing clinics so parents can experiment with different ways of carrying their babies round festivals.

The website is bursting with up to date festival information and includes a brilliant festival map to help you to decide which festival is best for you, tips and informative blog posts, which the parenting community can actively engage with and this is supported by their extensive social networking activity on Twitter and Facebook.

Festival Kidz have taken out the stress and fear factor of taking kids to festivals and are aiming to make it a must have experience for every family.  With more and more families opting for holidays in the UK this year, Festival Kidz has seen a huge rise in the amount of families trying out the family festival experience.

“Parents are looking for more enriching experiences for their family.  Family-friendly festivals are an obvious choice because there is such a wide variety of things to do and see from drumming to cookery, storytelling to fire shows.  Festivals have long since moved on from the drink and drugs hedonism they once were – these days festivals encompass every aspect of creativity, art and culture.”

Romany Greatrex, Festival Kidz founder

It just proves that festivals and kids are a good mix!

For further information or to set up interviews with Romany please call Louise Harris at Rock and Roll Baby World on 07980 996318 or email [email protected]

Press Release: Feb 2011

Little Bug’s Boutique is the newest online baby and child clothing store which recently launched with the aim to provide parents a one stop shop to browse and buy clothing for their children which are unique, bright, bold, fun and great quality.

It’s a must for any fashion conscious parent who want to steer away from the high street and clothe their children in some cutting edge established brands such as Molo Kids, Me too, Lily & Sid, Bergstien Boots and Toby Tiger to the hottest new brands such as Rockabye-baby and Munster Kids.

LBB are dedicated to offering a great service and they hope to continually offer customers extra benefits, such as free hand delivery and home parties in a growing number of postcodes, Free delivery with spends over £50, and great offers for their Facebook and twitter fans throughout the year.

Other site features include ‘The Bug Blog’ where readers enjoy the latest Little Bugs Boutique News, and garment updates, plus an insight in to the life of a busy working mummy and Little Bugs Boutique director Justine Sudbury. The site is easy to navigate and the clothes are grouped in categories such as ‘Park Life’, which gives the customer a chance to view the clothing in a more imaginative setting using lifestyle pictures..

LBB have recently started a Twitter campaign to raise money for Save the children’s new initiative ‘BORN TO DIE’ and will be holding a fashion show event to raise money for this charity in the next few months called ‘Born to be Funky’.

Check out LLB at you can join their Facebook page on and follow them on Twitter @littlebugsbouti

For further information on LBB or to arrange an interview with the director Justine Sudbury please contact Louise Harris at Rock and Roll Baby World on 07980 996318 or email [email protected]

Press Release January 2010: Maisie’s Mountain

Maisie’s Mountain
Lorna Murphy

This beautifully illustrated book focuses around the character of a little girl called Maisie and she loves things but she just can’t stop collecting them
She had things to wear, Things to play with, Things to make other things with and….well everything really.
So what will happen when she runs out of room? A cautionary tale for young children about having too much, told in a fun way with colourful illustrations throughout. A great book for children between the ages of 2 and 5 who can escape into Maisie’s world and identify with the attachment Maisie has with her things.
The book has been released by up and coming author and illustrator Lorna Murphy, who has published this completely by herself. It’s a chance to discover a new talent and own a book which will no doubt go on to be a collectors item before it’s snapped up by a major publishing house. Maisie’s Mountain is the first of several books Lorna intends to publish. It’s a great achievement and she is an inspiration to others that you can be courageous, follow your dreams and make things happen all by yourself.
For further information or to arrange an interview with Lorna please contact Louise Harris at Rock and Roll Baby World on 07980 996318 or email [email protected]

Catalogue Number: LTDMG022
Barcode: 5014797710221
Release Date: 22nd November 2010

CBeebies ‘Song Time’ is a 2CD album featuring 50 tracks from the BBC’s popular children’s channel. CBeebies is the largest kids brand in the UK, with over 90 programmes on the channel.

‘Song Time’ is set to be a hugely popular album in the run up to Christmas and it makes perfect stocking filler. Fantastic for entertaining young fans and parents / grandparents can join in and sing along too!

The album has instantly recognisable tracks from the channel including theme tunes from current shows including ZingZillas, LazyTown, Gigglebiz, Show Me Show Me to classics such as Balamory, Tellytubbies and In The Night Garden.

For further information please contact Louise Harris at Rock and Roll Baby World on 07980 996318 / 01223 410000 or email [email protected]

CD One
1. ZingZillas – ZingZillas Theme
2. LazyTown – When We Play In A Band
3. Postman Pat – SDS Theme Tune
4. Something Special – Something Special Theme And Hello Song
5. In the Night Garden… – In the Night Garden Opening Theme
6. Gigglebiz – Theme
7. Charlie and Lola – Charlie and Lola Theme Tune
8. Timmy Time – Title Music
9. Green Balloon Club – Theme
10. Waybuloo – Time For Yogo
11. Big Cook Little Cook – Theme
12. Guess With Jess – Theme
13. Tinga Tinga Tales – Theme
14. 3rd & Bird – Theme
15. Big & Small – Theme
16. 64 Zoo Lane – Theme
17. dirtgirlworld – Theme
18. Driver Dan’s Story Train – Theme
19. Grandpa in my Pocket – Every Day with Grandpa
20. Numberjacks – Numberjacks ‘Ultimate’ Medley
21. Nuzzle and Scratch – Theme
22. Show Me Show Me – Theme
23. Garth & Bev – Theme
24. Tweenies – Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play? (Tweenies Theme)
25. Uki – The Uki Song

CD Two
1. Bob the Builder – Can We Fix It?
2. ZingZillas – The Great ZingZilla Band
3. Space Pirates – Space Pirates Theme
4. Tweenies – No. 1
5. Yoko! Jakamoto! Toto! – Theme
6. Teletubbies – Say “Eh-Oh!” (Club Mix)
7. Something Special – I Am The Monkey
8. Balamory – What’s The Story In Balamory?
9. Chuggington – Honk Your Horns
10. Alphablocks – Theme
11. I Can Cook – Theme
12. Big Barn Farm – Theme
13. Little Robots – Theme
14. Tommy Zoom – Theme
15. Mister Maker – Theme
16. Kerwhizz – Theme
17. Lunar Jim – Theme
18. Tellytales – Tellytales Theme And Jack And The Beanstalk
19. Zigby – Theme
20. Wibbly Pig – Theme
21. Mama Mirabelle – Theme
22. Finley The Fire Engine – Theme
23. Me too! – On Bobby’s Buses
24. Penelope – Theme
25. In the Night Garden… – Time to go to Sleep

Other Facts:

• CBeebies programmes on average get 250,000 viewers

• CBeebies Overview
CBeebies is the BBC’s offering for young children, featuring new and repeated high-quality, largely UK-produced content to educate and entertain our youngest audiences. We produce a mixed-genre portfolio of pre-school and early-school content encouraging learning through play for both girls and boys aged six years and under across our television, radio and online platforms.

• CBeebies Digital Channel
At all times modern and fresh in its approach, the CBeebies television channel delivers entertaining programmes underpinned by learning values. The output is packaged to reflect the needs and mood of children starting with upbeat programming in the morning (Get Set Go), moving in to exploring and learning during the day (Discover & Do), followed by entertaining programmes in the afternoon (Big Fun Time), and ending with calming programmes in the evening (Bedtime Hour). Presenters link the elements together to give the channel a relevance and sense of place for the audience.


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