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Rock and Roll Baby World is a Baby and Parenting specialist PR & Social Media Marketing Agency providing clients with an opportunity to extend their traditional marketing methods across the ever expanding social media platforms as well as offering clients a national and regional press, Radio, TV and online pr campaign.

It’s when people get talking about your products or brand that it takes on a life of its own which traditional PR simply cannot do. It is when a story captures the imagination of the public, spreading across online blogs and into social networking sites such as Twitter that you know your product or brand has a real chance of becoming a huge success.

Rock and Roll Baby World specialises in the field of mummy blogging. This demographic of the market has a huge influence with many of the largest multi national companies seizing the chance to get their products talked about by the ever increasing mummy blogging community. Sites such as Mumsnet and Netmums have become powerful communities with Mums Net having 1.2 million unique users and were viewed to be a major influence in the recent election with politicians believing they held the key to winning votes and the media dubbing it a ‘Mumsnet Election’.

The opinions and coverage by mummy bloggers can create a huge impact for a brand or product. There are 1,600 members of the British Mummy Blogging community and around 2,500 active parent bloggers in the UK. A top 10 mummy blog could expect to receive 500 unique visitors per day and in the region of 50,000 unique visitors per month. While this may be far less than the circulation of a national print publication what clients need to remember is that this is a much better targeted approach, hitting your key demographic every time.

Successful bloggers engage with their readers through the posts on their blog and the potential message is far reaching as they also spill out into the likes of Twitter and Facebook. The word of mouth approach spreads across the internet and unlike written media, blogs are a trusted source of information and people value the opinions that they carry. Peer to peer recommendations are simply invaluable and it has seen a cultural shift in which social marketing has refocused the company, brand or product around the customer / general public. Many companies have realised that blogs are an important factor in their marketing strategy and can work better than traditional PR in some cases as the audience is an engaged community, rather than just an anonymous reader.

Rock and Roll Baby World clients range from major and Independent record labels, publishing houses, DVD companies, Film Studios to household name celebrities. We also work on corporate and consumer accounts from Health, Baby Products, Toys to Technology and Food.

To see how we can help your product launch or help build your brand please contact us so we can put together a tailored package for you. For further information please contact [email protected]


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