National Press, Radio and TV Campaigns

We have contacts in all the major consumer and trade magazines in the UK that specialise in parenting or content that features parenting, baby and family orientated features. We will look at features, interviews, news, competitions and develop a creative angle that will help us target national daily newspapers and their related supplements as well as the Sunday editions. We work very closely with our clients to come up with as many angles as possible so we can ensure we not only target the specialist subject areas but angles that enable us to target mainstream areas too.

Regional Press, Radio and TV

Our regional contacts cover the whole of the UK, from local papers, to free magazines, fanzines, online blogs and websites to local radio and TV stations. If we discover an angle that has a regional focus we will target that area and secure coverage.

Social Media Support

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are our main areas of focus, we can set up your pages and help with your content. We will give you the best advise on how to connect with your audience and grow your numbers.

Parent Blogging Outreach Programmes

Whether you have a product you would like to be reviewed, or you have an event you would like bloggers to attend, or you need an annual blogging programme mapped out for you along with brand ambassadors, we can make a tailor made solution for you.


Becoming a popular option for clients who have just launched their business and are perfectly capable of running their own media campaigns but require support, advise and a media plan which they can follow. This options includes an initial face to face meeting to determine the aims of the campaign and talk about angles, followed by weekly support via email and phone for the duration of the campaign. Clients receive a media plan created by us which they can follow as well as tips on structure of press releases which we edit and make sure they convey the right message to the media.

We also consult for clients who already retain a pr company but require specialist advise in the family / parenting field and additional support for their existing PR Campaigns.


Stick Man Campaign for The Forestry Commission - Photo courtesy of Muddy Puddles Blog

Stick Man Campaign for The Forestry Commission - Photo courtesy of Muddy Puddles Blog